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Our Executive Volunteers

Organizational Chart

For a quick overview of our governance model see our Organizational Chart.


  • President: David Leyton-Brown
  • Jingle Ayupan
  • Pat Edmonds
  • Allan Holditch
  • Kirsty Hunter
  • Isaac Kamta
  • Steven Loweth
  • Lynn Mooney
  • Allyce Mutungi
  • Moon Ja Park
  • Daniel Reed
  • Dong-Chun Seo
  • Jessica Stevenson

Staff Support: Peter Hartmans Shining Waters Regional Council Executive Minister

Communities of Faith Commission

  • Carolyn Harding
  • Calin Lau
  • Chris Bennett
  • Amy Lee
  • Kevin Logie
  • Sandra Nottegar
  • Bronwyn Corlett
  • Harry Ramsaran
  • Cindy Randall
  • Christine Smaller (Chair)
  • Gloria Tozek

Staff Support: Jody Maltby

Social and Ecological Justice Commission

  • Susan Eagle (Chairperson)
  • Alana Martin
  • Cameron Watts
  • Donna Lang
  • Eleanor Scarlett
  • Lois Brown
  • Moon-Ja Park
  • Tina Conlon
  • Elizabeth Cunningham

Staff Support:  Bri-anne Swan

Pastoral Relations Commission

  • Donna Bowman-Woodall
  • Andy Comar (Chair)
  • William Haughton
  • Barbara Hendren
  • Elizabeth Mackenzie
  • Beth Moore
  • Robin Pilkey
  • James Ravenscroft
  • Paul Stott
  • Lawrence Nyarko

Staff Support: Todd McDonald and Dale Hildebrand

Licensed Lay Worship Leaders Committee 

  • Pat Edmonds
  • Emily Gordon
  • Glen Greenwood
  • Patricia James (Chair)
  • Lisa Pfau
  • Jeannette Schieck

Intentional Interim Ministry Committee

  • Anne Hepburn
  • Jim Keenan
  • Kathryn Moase

Mission Support Committee 

  • Deborah Hart
  • Sarah Lough
  • Ron Wigle
  • Tom MacNeil

Equity Committee

  • Hedy Baker-Graf
  • Greg Daly
  • Karen King
  • Wayne Monague
  • Julian Munro
  • Sarah Miller
  • Ruth Bramham
  • Lee Heard

Staff Support:  Susie Henderson

Grants Review Committee

  • Karen Bowles
  • Peter Farwell
  • Nicole Hwang
  • Angus MacLennan
  • Paul Rose
  • John Joseph Mastandrea
  • Bruce Chappell
  • Dan Clark


Opportunities for Leadership

As members of Shining Waters Regional Council, you know the voices who could offer fresh perspectives and insights. This is a time to look not just for members of the church who have been active in former Presbyteries and Conference, but also for those who are skilled and active in local communities. We are excited about the prospect of finding new voices for a new time.

We are also envisioning the possibility of committees and commissions with a good representation from racialized communities or other groups that have traditionally been marginalized in church decision-making. We are seeking people who reflect the diversity of Shining Waters Regional Council, including but not limited to, cultural and ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, geography and age.

Please share this information widely within communities of faith and across the regional council, and prayerfully consider whether you, or someone  you know, may be called to serve in this way at this time in the life of Shining Waters Regional Council. Terms of office for most positions are typically for three years, renewable once.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in more information please contact us by email at swrc@united-church.ca.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Betty Lou McNabb
Chair, Shining Waters Nominations Committee