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Communities of Faith Commission

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About the Communities of Faith Commission

The Communities of Faith Commission cares for communities of faith and provides resources for collegiality and support amongst communities of faith.  It nurtures new ministries, and empowers and resources ministry in the Region.  This includes supporting communities of faith in areas such as clusters, networks, visioning, amalgamation, disbanding, and property matters.  The work may be carried out in a variety of ways, including by staff or liaisons appointed for a limited time period.  The Commission sets policy and gives direction within their mandate.   


  • Communities of Faith Commission Policy. This policy outlines the authority, membership and responsibilities of the Communities of Faith Commission and the relationship with the Pastoral Relations Commission.
  • Intentional Interim Ministry Committee Policy. This policy outlines the purpose, accountability, authority, membership and responsibilities of the Intentional Interim Ministry Committee and the relationship with the Communities of Faith Community. (Committee Members listed below.)
  • Finance and Property Policy.   This policy outlines the responsibilities of the Communities of Faith Commission with respect to property transactions.
  • Liaisons Policy.  This policy outlines the role, accountability, and authority of Communities of Faith Liaisons

See other Regional Council Policies here. 


Communities of Faith Commission

  • Amy Lee
  • Calin Lau
  • Carolyn Harding
  • Chris Bennett
  • Cindy Randall
  • Gloria Tozek (Chair)
  • Harry Ramsaran
  • Kevin Logie
  • Sandra Nottegar

Intentional Interim Ministry Committee

  • Anne Hepburn
  • Jim Keenan
  • Kathryn Moase


This is where all commission minutes will be posted once they have been approved. Minutes will be archived here for 12 months and then removed. If you require access to regional minutes that are older than 12 months ago, please see the Shining Waters Record of Proceedings or contact Rachael Howes at rhowes@united-church.ca for assistance. Thank you.


2019 – 2020

Staff Support



Regional Staff Lead and Communities of Faith Minister

Phone: 416-231-7680  |  1-800-268-3781
Email: jmaltby@united-church.ca  

Serves in: Shining Waters Regional Council

Location: Teleworks and works from the Guthrie Main Office

Role: Jody coordinates the support to communities of faith, including coordinating the work of regional staff.

Contact Jody about: Conflict Resolution; Community Ministries; Congregational Finance; Covenants; Governance; Grants; Property Renovation or Sale; Transitions – amalgamations, collaboration, closures.