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Asian Heritage Month

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Updated: February 2022

Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

Shining Waters Regional Council Statement on Anti-Asian Racism, Hatred, and Violence
Released following the Atlanta shootings.

 COVID-19 and the Racism Pandemic We Need to Talk About. Written in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic.
By Kim Uyede-Kai.


Act to End Racism Multilingual Series

What to do if you are a target of racism or if you are a bystander seeing a racist act

ACT 2 End Racism Series on Anti-Asian Racism 

Model Minority: A History of Silence by Chris Tse 

Let’s Talk About Microaggressions 

(more videos are in production. Subscribe to ACT2endracism YouTube Channel)

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok)  

These are just a few social media groups that you can join or follow. Most use several platforms. 

Angry Asian Man;  (Jeff Yang, Phil Yu) [blog]

Canadian Council – Asians in Ontario [website]

Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter [Facebook]

Korean Office for Research and Education (KORE) – York University [website]

NBC Asian America [website]

Not Too Asian [Facebook]

Stand with Asians Coalition (SWAC)  [Facebook]

Toronto NAJC (National Association of Japanese Canadians) [Facebook]

United Church Intercultural Ministries [website]


Hidden Hate Exposing the Rootsof Anti-Asian Racism in Canada (Global News)

The Racism Virus: Anti-Asian Attacks Surge (NBC) 

 We Need to Talk About Anti-Asian Hate (Eugene Lee Yang, The Try Guys)
(topics: Yellow Peril; America At War; Model Minority; Vincent Chin; Black & Asian Communities; Policing; Hate Rhetoric; Monolith & Media; Generational Divide; Voting & Representation; How You Can Help) 

 Then watch: Misognyny Against Asian Women (Try podcast) 

Worship Resources

Liturgies & Prayers 

United Church of Canada website 

Asian Heritage Month | A Step Nearer to Harmony
A worship service for Asian Heritage Month that encourages harmonious living. By the Rev. MiYeon Kim.
(+ video of correct Korean pronunciation of Ul-ssi-goo, joh ta!) 


Voices United 

VU 34 Come Now, O God of Peace/O-so-so  GoonYong Lee/Marion Pope 

VU52 Sheep Fast Asleep/Hitsuji Wa Nemure Ri. Chugoro Torii/arr. David Kai/Genzo Miwa/trans. John Moss 

VU94 Lovely Star in the Sky/Tong bang ui byolUn-yung La/trans. Marion Kim/James Minchin 

VU85 Midnight Stars Make Bright the Sky/Ming xing can lan-geChi-fang Liang/Ching-chiu Yang/Christopher Cheung 

VU243 Praise to God. (traditional Japanese melody) Nobuaki Hanaoka/arr. David Kai 

VU251 God Created Heaven and Earth. Pi-po/I-to-Loh/Taiwanese hymn Boris Anderson/Clare Anderson 

VU252 Jaya Ho/Victory Hymn. (traditional Hindi melody) Hindi anon. Trans. Katherine Rohrbough/I-to-Loh 

VU309 Para, Para, Pitter Pat. Anon/Masao Tomioka/Ugo Nakada/June Nakada Sumida 

VU362 Here, O God, Your Servants Gather/Se-ka-i-no To-mo to Te o Tsu-na-gi. Isao Koizumi/Tokuo Yamaguchi/para. Everett M. Stowe/I-to-Loh 

VU402 We Are One. Jeeva Sam/arr. David Kai/Doreen Lankshear-Smith 

VU414 God, Be Praised in Early Morning/Qing-chen zao qi zan-mei Shen. Dawei Wang/Pen-li Cheng/G.A. Wenh-In Ng 

VU611 Out of the Depths, O God, We Call to You. Jeeva Sam/arr. David Kai/Ruth Duck 

VU666 In Lonely Mountain Ways/Ya-ma-ji Ko-e-teAmzi Chapin/Sugawo Nishimura/trans. Paul Gregory 

VU698 With the Wings of Our Mind/Ttugoun Maum. Don-Whan Cho/Ik Whan (Timothy) Moon/trans. Marion Pope 

VU963 May the Grace of Christ. Jeeva Sam/Fred Graham. 

Ps. 66 East Indian hymn/Jeeva Sam 

More Voices 

MV5 Holy Spirit, You’re like the Wind/Sheng ling ru feng. Wei-fan Wang/Grace Shangjuan/Ivy Balchin/W.H.Wong 

MV22 God of All the World/Mi pela I bung. Trad. Papua New Guinea/Fred Kaan 

MV56 Come, O Come, Let Us Praise/Lajahle, htaora Hp’yaSaw Gidean Tun Shwe (Myanmar) 

MV105 You Are My Father/Too’n mera pita. Harkanwal Singh Sahota/Amarjeet Singh/trad. Sikh 

MV125 When A Grain of Wheat (Hitotsubu no). Ushio Takahashi/Toyohiko Kagawa/ rans Frank Y. Ohtomo. 

MV181 Lord, Your Hands Have Formed/Imegmoy pitak ay yay. Ikalahan melody/Ramon and Sario Oliano 

MV184 Ay, Ay Salidummay. Trad. song Philppines 

MV218 May the Love of the Lord/Wei yuan Shen di ai. Swee Hong Lim/Maria Ling Poh Choo. 

MV225 Amen. Trad. melody, China. Arr. Puqi Jiang. 

Staff Support



COMMUNITIES OF FAITH AND PASTORAL RELATIONS MINISTER; Intercultural Diversity, Anti-Racism and Right Relations Minister

Phone: 416-231-7680  |  1-800-268-3781
Extension: 6173
Email: KUyedeKai@united-church.ca

Serves in: Shining Waters Regional Council

Location: Teleworks from her home in Toronto

Role: Kim encourages and connects communities of faith in their work and supports Indigenous ministries in their relationship with the region and promotes and supports racial justice.

Contact Kim about: Anti-Racism; Conflict Resolution; Covenants; Governance; Intercultural Ministry; Right Relations; Vision and Mission