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Intercultural Diversity Commission

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About the Intercultural Diversity Commission

The Intercultural Diversity Commission sets policy and gives direction within their mandate. The Intercultural Diversity Commission will encourage and engage Shining Waters Regional Council, its Executive and Commissions, and its Communities of Faith in honouring and living into intercultural mission and ministry and work to deepen intercultural awareness and respect

Intercultural Vision

An excerpt from the Intercultural Presentation at the October 2020 meeting of Shining Waters Regional Council. With thanks to participants: Amy Yea Kyong Lee, Isaac Kamta, Jingle Ayupan, Francis Nyarko, John Joseph Mastandrea, Moon Ja Park. Music: Sing Thanks To Our God, words, and music by Amy Yea Kyong Lee, used with permission.


  • Intercultural Diversity Commission Policy. This policy outlines the purpose, accountability, authority, membership and responsibilities of the Intercultural Diversity Commission and the relationship with the Executive and its Equity Committee, the Communities of Faith Commission, the Pastoral Relations Commission, and the Social and Ecological Justice Commission.

See other Regional Council policies here. 


  • Joel Aguirre
  • Amy Yea Kyong Lee (Chair)
  • Innocent Karuhanga
  • John Joseph Mastandrea
  • Néstor Medina
  • Moon Ja Park
  • Hedy Baker-Graf
  • Paul Rose

Staff Support: Kim Uyede-Kai


This is where all commission minutes will be posted once they have been approved. Minutes will be archived here for 12 months and then removed. If you require access to regional minutes that are older than 12 months ago, please see the Shining Waters Record of Proceedings or contact Susan Whitehead at swhitehead@united-church.ca for assistance. Thank you.



Staff Support



COMMUNITIES OF FAITH AND PASTORAL RELATIONS MINISTER; Intercultural Diversity, Anti-Racism and Right Relations Minister

Phone: 416-231-7680  |  1-800-268-3781
Extension: 6173
Email: KUyedeKai@united-church.ca

Serves in: Shining Waters Regional Council

Location: Teleworks from her home in Toronto

Role: Kim encourages and connects communities of faith in their work and supports Indigenous ministries in their relationship with the region and promotes and supports racial justice.

Contact Kim about: Anti-Racism; Conflict Resolution; Covenants; Governance; Intercultural Ministry; Right Relations; Vision and Mission



Administrative Support

Phone: 416-231-7680 | 1-800-268-3781
Extension:  2020
Email: cdeandrade@united-church.ca

Serves in: Shining Waters Regional Council and Canadian Shield Regional Council

Location: Teleworks and works in the Guthrie office

Role: Celio provides administrative support to Shining Waters and Canadian Shield Regional Councils.