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to the Regional Event Calendar

The Community Events Calendar is for events:

  • that are located within the boundaries of the SWRC or recommended by staff if otherwise;
  • that have some relationship with The United Church of Canada and our ethos, including events hosted by local communities of faith, ecumenical and multi-faith friends, community organizations.


Events that will not be approved:

  • events that promote hate, violence, harassment, explicit content, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia;
  • business/industry events;
  • partisan events;
  • personal fundraisers
  • events with no e-mail contact.

Staff will use discretion to interpret these criteria. If your event is not published you will receive the following notification.  “Sorry, this event does not fall within our guidelines.”

Recurring Events

We ask that you do not post your event weekly or bi-weekly for long periods of time. Instead, please post your event only once a month. As our Community Event calendar is also used as our monthly newsletter, recurring events posts show up so often in that feed that other, equally important, events just get lost and people don’t read any of it. We reserve the right to change any recurring events to show only once a month, as close to the beginning of the month as we can so they end up top of the newsletter list. As well, recurring events should be posted for no longer than about 6 months, and then resubmitted if your recurring events continue on.

For more info on posting to our Community Event Calendar please see our helpful tip sheet.

If you require any assistance, please contact Celio de Andrade Santos at cdeandrade@united-church.ca

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