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Meeting Materials and Resources | President’s Letter

Thank you for joining us!

This year’s annual meeting was once again held online on Zoom, over two afternoons, on Friday May 27 and Saturday May 28, 2022. Our theme was “For the Common Good” as we work toward the common good for all, not only in our churches but in society as a whole.

The Celebration of Ministry service was held on Sunday, May 29, 2022. You can watch the livestream recording on YouTube. Please see our Celebration of Ministries page for more information.

Presentation Resources from Friday Afternoon Session

Heather Menzies – Keynote Speaker
The manifestation of the spirit…for the Common Good. The Commons’ Heritage.
Presentation Notes
Video clip of Heather’s presentation – https://youtu.be/6G9e9u-KMXY

Niki Andre – Worship Leader
Video clip of Friday May 27 Worship – https://youtu.be/bm307-QWZFo
PDF of Niki Andre Day 1 Worship PowerPoint presentation
See more about Niki online here: https://www.sheilluminatesit.com/shows/upcoming

Éric Hébert-Daly – General Council Representative
Presentation – General Council Strategic Directions – PDF of PowerPoint Slides

Presentation Resources from Saturday Afternoon Session

Niki Andre – Worship Leader
Video clip of Saturday May 28 Worship – https://youtu.be/9jqJ4eHVFZA
PDF of Niki Andre Day 2 Worship PowerPoint presentation
See more about Niki online here: https://www.sheilluminatesit.com/shows/upcoming

Teresa Burnett-Cole – Speaker
National Indigenous Church Proposal NIC 01- Restructuring of the Indigenous Church – GC 44 Information Session Recording – May 11, 2022 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvs4e-T0KXo


Meeting Resources and Materials

  • Resource Book – [pdf | 61 pages] – PDF
  • Draft Meeting Agenda [pdf | 2 pages] – PDF
  • Consent and Procedural Motions [pdf | 2 pages] – PDF
  • Holy Manners [pdf | 1 page] – PDF
  • Draft Minutes of Regional Meeting – November 13, 2021 [pdf | 6 pages] – PDF
  • Zoom Tip Sheet – includes how to vote during the meeting – [ pdf |  3 pages ] – PDF
  • Proposals – [pdf | 7 pages ] – PDF
  • Business: Budget – [ pdf | 4 pages ]  – PDF – See our 2022 Regional Meeting Budget Information Page if you have any questions for clarification.
  • Reports: Digest of Actions – [ pdf |  2 pages ] – PDF
  • Reports: Regional Council Executive Accountability – [ pdf | 3 pages ]  – PDF
  • Reports: Communities of Faith Commission –  [ pdf | 2  pages ] – PDF
  • Reports: Intercultural Diversity Commission – [pdf | 1 page] – PDF
  • Reports: Pastoral Relations Commission – [ pdf | 2 pages ] – PDF
  • Reports: Social and Ecological Justice Commission – [ pdf | 2 pages ] – PDF
  • Reports:  Nominations Committee – [pdf | 5 pages] – PDF
  • Reports: Emmanuel College – [ pdf | 2 pages ] – PDF
  • Reports: Canada Summer Jobs Student Working Experience – [pdf | 1 page] – PDF
  • Jubilands  [pdf | 2 pages] – PDF
  • Retirees – [pdf | 4 pages ] – PDF
  • In Memoriam – [ pdf | 2 pages ] – PDF
  • Heather Menzies Presentation NotesPDF
  • General Council Strategic Directions Powerpoint Slide Deck  or PDF of Slide Deck


Betty Lou McNabb


Letter from the President

As I sit down this evening, with my cup of tea, to write to you all, I’m aware of the news headlines that fill our television and communication devices and it saddens me.

Still the Covid-19 protocols prior to this evening have only allowed us to meet virtually again for the two days of business brought before the Regional Council. We’ll gather together on both afternoons of May 27 and 28 for worship, education and business.

Our theme this annual meeting is “For the Common Good,” from 1 Corinthians 12:7.
          “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”
We must align our gifts from Creator God then we can work at the common good for all.
Our gifts, our attitudes, our hearts and our efforts are steadfast when it comes to this work.
I think of these words, “for the good of all.” What do they mean to you?
All of creation?
All of Earth? Her animals, people, plants, trees, air, soil, water?
I think it’s a good theme as we think about “all my relations” which appears on our United Church of Canada crest in Mohawk.
For the good of all!

Getting back to taking care of the earth, sky, atmosphere, trees, water, winged ones, four-legged ones, two-legged ones preparing for the common good for the next seven generations to come. The land, people, vegetation, animals and even finances have all had an impact from the war zones in our world. For some Covid-19 has tested us beyond the breaking point. But we are a resilient people searching and seeking the common good.

One of our keynote speakers this annual meeting is award-winning writer, scholar and author, Heather Menzies. From her book, Reclaiming the Commons, for the Common Good, she says on page 129;
“It doesn’t matter how we begin our journey, or whether you think of it as more personal (healing) or political. The important thing is to embrace the process of moving from being outside the changes that are needed to inside, from being an angry or indifferent bystander to an implicated participant.”

As we gather in May to sing, pray, work, and praise our Creator God together may we ponder the question that Jeremy Lent proposes to us from his book, The Web of Meaning, again on the theme of the common good, “What is the sacred and precious strand that you will weave?”

We’ll be together for the celebration of ministries service face-to-face with candidates and admittands and their family and friends on May 29, I hope you will continue to join us virtually that Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

I look forward to seeing you next month, stay well, and may God keep you.

Rev. Betty Lou McNabb
President, Shining Waters Regional Council

PDF Download of President’s Letter