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Shining Waters Regional Council

is an Affirming Ministry


Small Town, Big Impact

Small Town, Big Impact

Affirming Connections has a developed a great new video series: Small Town, Big Impact: Stories and strategies from the Affirming journey.  The series invites Affirming leaders, clergy and lay, to share their experiences of the Affirming journey including how the...

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Pride Toronto

Pride Toronto

TRANS MARCH FRIDAY JUNE 24, 7:00 PM (MARCH AT 8PM) Trans March Website UCC PARTICIPANTS Come and join the journey. Walk with the Trans community or cheer them on from the sidelines. UCC friends are welcome to gather at Gloucester and Church, south east corner between...

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Share Your Rainbow Flag

Share Your Rainbow Flag

Thanks so much to Wasauksing United Church and food bank for sharing this photo of their regional rainbow flag. Let's follow their lead and share photos of your community and your flag. Use our United Church flag hashtags and let's all show up this month with our...

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Local Pride Parades

Local Pride Parades

Here's the information page for local Pride events and a place to sign up to receive information related to United Church groups in local pride parades in York Region, Toronto and Muskoka. >Back to Affirming Ministries page

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Affirming Communities

AFFIRM UNITED OPEN HEARTS DOCUMENT  By Alyson C. Huntly, in conjunction with the Affirming Ministries Program Coordinators. This is a resource for and about Affirming Ministries, includes information and resources on the affirming process as well as ideas to help congregations continue to grow. Includes a very full listing of additional resources. [PDF| 95 pages | 2017]

AFFIRMING MINISTRY REQUIREMENTS From Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble describes the components required in the affirming process. [2016]

SMALL TOWN, BIG IMPACT: Stories and strategies from the Affirming Journey A new video series from Affirming Connections that invites Affirming leaders from smaller rural communities to share their Affirming journeys.  Watch the playlist on their YouTube Channel.  [2022]

Calendar Moments

LGBTQI2S Inclusion

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT SPONSOSPONSORING AN LGBTIQ2+ REFUGEE AN LGBTIQ2+ REFUGEE  Questions about LGBTIQ2+ Refugee Sponsorship For United Church of Canada Communities of Faith [PDF | Nov. 2018 | 2 pages]

GENDER NEUTRAL BATHROOMS A variety of resources from the Unitarian Universalists on making washrooms safe spaces, including suggestions for signage.

LGBT RESOURCES PAGE on The United Church of Christ website, our partner denomination in the United States.

OUR WHOLE LIVES  A curriculum of life span sexuality education programs from the Unitarian Universalists.

QUEER THEOLOGY An on-line network including resources, podcasts and opportunites for engagement hosted by Brian G. Murphy and Fr. Shannon TL Kearns.

SONGS FOR THE HOLY OTHER Hymns Affirming the LGBTQIA2S+ Community request a copy from The Hymn Society website.

Trans Experience and Gender Diversity

CELEBRATING GENDER DIVERSITY: A toolkit on Gender Identity and Trans Experiences for Communities of Faith
A resource to help communities of faith explore gender identity and deepen their understanding of gender and the integral role it plays in creating welcoming and affirming communities. Includes plans to create a gender-inclusive washroom policy, workshop modules, handouts and a glossary of key terms and concepts. Download this PDF.  [PDF | 87 pages | 2019]  Link to United in Learning webinar on animating this resource.

CREATING AUTHENTIC SPACES: A Gender Identity and Gender Expression Toolkit
From the 519 Community Centre in Toronto, a  part of their efforts to challenge transphobia and to foster environments that are inclusive of gender identity and gender expression. The kit includes a set of infographics that can be downloaded on pronouns, allies, creating a welcoming environment and more. Download the kit.

A listing compiled by The United Church of Canada. [PDF | 12 pages]

Ruth Wood talks about her life journey as a trans person and her theological reflection on love and acceptance [YouTube Video | 6:44 |  2012]

Doctrine and Policy

MOVING TOWARD FULL INCLUSION: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in The United Church of Canada A detailed resource that documents the church’s history intended to enable dialogue with partners and promote respectful sharing. [PDF | 67 pages | 2014]

MARRIAGE: A United Church of Canada Understanding A comprehensive overview of the United Church position on marriage, including same-sex marriage.  Highlights changes in the church position over the years and the current theological understanding of what our church believes about marriage. [PDF | 12 pages | 2005]

THE AUTHORITY AND INTERPRETATION OF SCRIPTURE  Theology and Faith Committee, The General Council of The United Church of Canada [PDF | 49 pages | 1992]  Results of a church-wide study on the authority of scripture.

Map of Affirming Communities

Staff Support

Staff support for this ministry is pending. If you require assistance please contact:



Administrative Support

Phone: 416-231-7680 | 1-800-268-3781
Extension:  2020
Email: cdeandrade@united-church.ca

Serves in: Shining Waters Regional Council and Canadian Shield Regional Council

Location: Teleworks and works in the Guthrie office

Role: Celio provides administrative support to Shining Waters and Canadian Shield Regional Councils.