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Shining Waters Regional Council Draft Budget

Report – [ PDF | 2 pages ] – PDF

It’s time for Shining Waters Regional Council’s Annual General meeting, and that means it’s time to become familiar with the proposed budget so that there is an opportunity to seek clarification with any questions and make notes in preparation for the budget discussion on Saturday, October 17th. Link to the report is above in PDF format, you may wish to have access to the proposed budget as you watch this video.

If you have any questions for clarification concerning the draft budget, please fill out the form below. A staff person will contact you by email, and questions with responses will also be posted here.

Questions We Have Received

How many individuals are on payroll?

There are 13 people on staff. (9 full time and 4 part time). The part time staff are shared with Canadian Shield Regional Council.

I see there is a budget line for clusters and networks. Also, a large amount for Communities of Faith commission.
Were these budget lines similar for 2020?

   The amount for communities of faith commission is the same as last year. The amount for clusters and networks is smaller but reflects actual spending.

The 2021 budget deficit is an increase of $776,900 (88.4%) over the 2020 deficit. The $1,655,400 2021 deficit is primarily attributable to increased expenses. This deficit is likely to be financed from either an existing property fund liquid asset or the sale of surplus property listed as inventory on your balance sheet. What assets are available support forecasted deficits over the next 5 years and are these drawdowns sustainable?

The deficit will be financed in 2021 from funds in the bank which came from sale of property – over the next five years we have more than enough property to sell to sustain this level of expense, however we are working toward property development which will give us an income stream and allow us to keep the assets

Staff costs including SWRC/CSRC shared expenses increased from $808,500 to $1,168,400. I assume that this $359,900 increase in 2021 is attributable to additional planned hires. How many full &/or part-time staff do you intend to hire? Will these be salaried staff or contract?

Staff costs are shown differently from 2020. In 2020 staff costs that were directly subsidized by General Council – the executive minister and the support staff for the executive minister were not shown in the staff costs. Also the salary grant was not shown as income. There has been one new full time hire since the 2020 budget. I do not expect any new hires from our current staff compliment. We currently have 9 full time staff and 4 part time staff (their time is shared with Canadian Shield regional council.

Will we be receiving details on regional grants to Outreach Ministries other than what is already listed? e.g. ministries such as Davenport/Perth, Jane/Finch, TUNM?

No – details on the grants for 2021 for these ministries is in the work of the grants committee

Toronto Conference in the past supported Living Into Right Relations. Has Executive foregone this initiative pending decisions by the former All Native Conference and others as to their future with the non-indigenous communities of faith?

Living into Right Relations has its own fund to draw upon which is funded by a percentage of all property sales; current balance is over 280,000

Finance budget line – $40,000. Is this the audit fee?

Finance line is the audit fee and my fee.