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Intentional Interim Ministry

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Intentional Interim Ministry (IIM) is an opportunity to take an intentional time out to seek spiritual and organizational renewal, to rediscover the identity of a community of faith, and to revitalize its mission.

When is interim ministry necessary?

  • The departure of a long tenured minister (10+ yrs)
  • Disagreements and tension that have become obstacles
  • Serious trauma, such as sexual or financial misconduct
  • Inadequate finances
  • Major changes in the demographics
  • The desire to rediscover its identity
  • The desire to move in a new direction


Intentional Interim Ministry Committee

  • Anne Hepburn
  • Cynthia O’Connell
  • Jim Keenan (chair)
  • Sadekie Lyttle-Forbes
  • Marlene Buwalda


Intentional Interim Ministry Committee Policy (PDF – 2 pages) This policy outlines the purpose, accountability, authority, membership and responsibilities of the Intentional Interim Ministry Committee and the relationship with the Communities of Faith Community.



The following resources explain interim ministry in greater detail:

Intentional Interim Ministry: Policy and Procedures for Designation (March 2022) – (PDF – 17 pages) This resource is for ministry personnel who wish to be initially designated as an intentional interim minister or who wish to be approved for continuing designation as an intentional interim minister, and the Office of Vocation and regional councils who support them. This resource expands the process for designation for those called to serve in interim ministry from what is outlined in The Manual. This resource contains policy for the designation of intentional interim ministers. 

Intentional Interim Ministry: Resource for Governing Body of Community of Faith (December 2021) – (PDF – 18 pages) This resource expands on the policy found under section I.1.10 in The Manual. This resource is specifically for the governing body of a community of faith of The United Church of Canada that is considering intentional interim ministry. It answers the questions: Should we seek an intentional interim minister? And what are our responsibilities if we do?

Intentional Interim Ministry: Resource for Regional Council (December 2021) – (PDF – 16 pages) This resource is directed to the regional councils of The United Church of Canada. It answers the question: What are our responsibilities regarding intentional interim ministry? This resource largely contains recommended ways to live out mandatory policies and procedures found section I.1.10 in The Manual. You are encouraged, but not required, to follow the best practices outlined in this resource. It provides best practices that offer guidance, information and recommendations for following the mandatory policies and procedures.

Intentional Interim Ministry: Resource for Transition Teams (December 2021) – (PDF – 41 pages) This resource is directed to transition teams in communities of faith of The United Church of Canada. It answers the question: What are our responsibilities, key relationships, and tasks during a period of intentional interim ministry?


IIM Network

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Staff Support




Phone: 416-231-7680  |  1-800-268-3781
Extension: 6147
Email: EPark@united-church.ca

Serves in: Shining Waters Regional Council

Location: Teleworks from home

Role: Eun-Joo encourages and supports both communities of faith and ministry personnel.

Contact Eun-Joo about: Conflict Resolution; Finding A New Minister; Lay Employees; M+P Committees; Licenses To Administer Sacraments; Pastoral Relationships Policy; Resources for Transition Times; Retirement; Sabbaticals; Sick Leave; Short Term Supply Ministers; Visiting Minister Options.  Eun-Joo is responsible for all the Communities of Faith and ministry personnel in the region that are located south of Highway 407.



Administrative Support

Phone: 416-231-7680 | 1-800-268-3781
Extension:  2059
Email: kijones@united-church.ca

Serves in: Shining Waters Regional Council and Canadian Shield Regional Council

Location: Teleworks from her home.

Role: Kathleen provides administrative support to Shining Waters and Canadian Shield Regional Councils.