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Social and Ecological Justice Survey

  • A Survey for Communities of Faith:

    Help us to know more about your community of faith by identifying the areas of work/passion/concern that move your faith community to act, whether it is to learn more or to seek ways to be engaged with an issue.

    Please mark each area as you interpret the current state of response of your community of faith. Even a few people or a small committee constitutes involvement.

    This is a snapshot, not a referendum! And we know areas of concern can change in response to community crises or global news.

  • The five variables for response are:

    A: We are engaged with this and have wisdom to share

    B: We are engaged with this and would welcome being part of a supportive network

    C: We would like to be engaged with this and would like to hear from others

    D: We might get involved if we knew more about this and how to be involved

    E: We have enough on our plate with other concerns

  • Areas of Engagement: (Please indicate one of the letters from above list)

  • What else could we have listed?
  • Other Questions:
  • Do you have (a) social justice committee(s) or one that function(s) as such?
  • Do you network with other churches for social justice / outreach work?
  • Would you like to receive updates from the Social and Ecological Justice Commission?
  • If yes, who should receive this? Name and email:
  • Who are the Social Justice Advocates in your faith community? Please, if appropriate and with their permission, share their names and contact information:
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Shining Waters Regional Council office at: rhowes@united-church.ca