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Worship Survey

Please include the name of the nearest town/city that your Community of Faith is located. (i.e. - Trinity UC, Malton or Grace UC, Barrie)
1. Have you maintained your pre-pandemic worship schedule?(Required)
2. What are your plans for the fall of 2021 and into the new year?(Required)
3. What format(s) are you using the most?(Required)
In the past year we have been worshipping (check all that apply).
4. Does your tech set up meet your current and expected needs?(Required)
5. Are there any big changes in the works to support your plan for worship going forward?(Required)
6. On average how many people are involved in creating your current worship plan from start to finish?(Required)
7. Have you experienced a shift in average Sunday attendance?(Required)
Your best estimate is fine.
8. In 2019 our average Sunday attendance was:(Required)
Your best estimate is fine.
9. In 2021 our average Sunday attendance is:(Required)
Your best estimate is fine.
10. Are there new people participating?(Required)
11. How are they finding you?(Required)
12. How do you share information about your services.(Required)
Please select all that apply.
13. Is internet connectivity a barrier for people in your community? If so how have you managed to address this?(Required)
14. Do you incorporate music into your ONLINE worship(Required)
Please select all that apply.
15. Do you incorporate music in your IN-PERSON gatherings?(Required)
16. Is your service currently listed on The UCC Sunday Worship map?(Required)
If your service is not listed, you can choose to add it from the link on the map page.
17. Have you been collaborating in worship with other Communities of Faith?(Required)
Please select all that apply.
20. Is there a network where you currently find support for creating worship?(Required)
21. Are you interested in connecting with others who are creating worship? If so along what lines.(Required)
Please select all that apply.
23. In general, as ministry personnel/staff, how would you describe your energy/capacity to lead worship and also attend other aspects of ministry?(Required)
24. Has your team been able to take holidays and time off appropriately?(Required)
25. If you are struggling, would you like to receive a call from a regional staff person for support and/or to help access resources?(Required)
26. How would you describe this experience of creating worship over the last year?(Required)

Bonus Question

As in a bonus for us if you answer 🙂