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Ministry and Personnel Committees

Ministry and Personnel (M&P) Committees in pastoral charges are responsible for supporting, overseeing, and supervising ministry personnel and lay staff. 

Annual Assessments
  • Instructions for the Annual Assessment of Ministry Personnel PDF  
  • Ministry Personnel Self Assessment and Goal Setting Word
  • M+P Committee Assessment and Goal Setting Word  
  • Ministry Personnel and Committee Joint Dialogue Word  
Managing Lay Employees
  • Contract Template Lay Employee Word  
  • Job Description Template for Lay Employee PDF  
  • Nine Tips for Managing Lay Employees PDF  
  • Sample Interview Questions for Lay Employee
  • Sample Letter of Offer for Lay Employee Word  
  • Sample Performance Appraisal for Lay Employee (1) Word  
  • Sample Performance Appraisal for Lay Employees (2) Word  
  • Vacation Facts Lay Employee PDF  
  • United Church of Canada Restorative Care Plan Road map PDF  

For a list of people who are able to do pulpit supply for ministers’ vacation coverage in the summer and who are quite comfortable using online worship tools, such as Zoom, please contact Donna Rutz at drutz@united-church.ca.

Employment Guidance for Communities of Faith during COVID-19 PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT FIRST Updated October 1, 2020

GCE Temporarily Amends Pastoral Relations Policies For urgent decisions related to call or appointment 17.04.20

Employee and Family Assistance Program 

M&P 101 Workshop

On June 3, 2020, Shining Waters’ Pastoral Relations Minister’s, Dale Hildebrand and Todd McDonald, facilitated an introductory workshop for new M&P Committee members. 


Can members of the same family/married be on the M&P committee together?

There is nothing prohibiting two members of the M&P committee being married or from the same family.  It may not be good practice because the married couple or family members may feel obligated to have the same opinion and therefore conversation could lack diversity.  However, we recognize that some communities of faith are small and may have no other choice. 

Isn’t the Minister a member of the board?

Yes, the minister is a member of the Board.   The minister is part of what constitutes quorum for a governing body. 

When/where can we send all of our questions?

Dale Hildebrand (south of highway 407) dhildebrand@united-church.ca 416-231-7680, ext. 6261

Todd McDonald (north of highway 407) tmcdonald@united-church.ca  1 800-268-3781 or 416 231-7680, ext. 6235 

Do meetings with M&P count as part of a lay person’s weekly/monthly hours?

Yes, meeting with M&P committee is a work meeting. 


Important M&P Handbooks/Resources from the United Church to flag as favourites:

Ministry and Personnel Committees: Policy, Procedures, Practices: PDF  

Resources for Ministry and Personnel Committees: PDF  

Vacation and Study Leave Worksheet for M&P Committees: Excel  

Principles of Feedback

Principle #1:  Feedback is a regular practice.  It just doesn’t happen when there is a problem.  Positive feedback, appreciation is an important counterpoint when difficult feedback needs to happen. (90% positive to 10% constructive feedback)

Principle #2:  Focus on the issue and not the person (stay curious).  It’s important to distill the feedback you want to give to make sure it’s about an objective issue that can be worked on.

Principle #3:  Does the issue concern the staff person or does the feedback belong with a church committee or someone else?

You will find more about giving and receiving feedback in the Resources for Ministry and Personnel Committees, page 11.